Nicki-Minaj2 article-2595085-1CC0BF4A00000578-33_634x633 070313-celebs-quotes-nicki-minaj.jpg 1345475049_nicki-minaj-467  I Love Nicki Minaj, Shes My Favorite Rapper & She’s So Pretty ❤ 😀 🙂


My Human IPhone !

The most hunan machine I could say I own is my IPhone5c ! The reason why I say this is because Siri knows everything. She even knows my name ! It just feels like I’m talking to a real person every time I ask her a question because she talks back like a real person. Sometimes I get scared though of the fact that theres technology out there that can actually talk back to you like an actual human and answer questions like a real human. It leaves me questioning whats in store for our future of technology & if all the myths of technology taking over the world one day could possibly slowly be coming true right in front of our faces & we as a society aren’t even realizing it …..

Hii Guyz !

This is my first blog ever ! Im doing it for creative writing class in school . So ima tell you guys a lil about myself. Im 16, My Favorite colors red :D, singing is my passion, I’m puerorican, & i can dance & draw. So just follow me for the next couple weeks to see the new things I post everyday !